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One of the main advantages of Sense is its relationship with the Korean media. There are 4 main Korean newspapers (Korea Times, Korea Daily, Sports Seoul, Herald Business, Ilgan Plus), 3 radio stations (Radio Korea AM 1230, Radio Seoul AM 1650, JBC AM 1230), and 5 TV stations (KBS America, SBS, MBC, LA-18, TVK24) in Los Angeles, California.


Sense’s founder, Mr. Julian Chung, has been employed with Radio Korea for 8 years as a radio personality. He currently has a popular radio show with Radio Korea. He has been the host of Junior Miss Korea, and many other local events in the Korean community. For the past four years, he contributed his services to write comedy columns for both Korea Times and Korea Daily. Julian’s close relationship with the Korean media and community makes Sense’s marketing efforts solid and successful.

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