In 1994, Sense Enterprise Co. Stated as an audio production company, as well as an event coordinating company. Sense established its image by creating radio commercials and composing radio jingles to local Korean clients. Sense’s ability to create catchy logo songs and unique radio ads made Sense Enterprise the number one radio production company in the Korean community.


As an event company Sense has successfully launched and hosted television shows and marketing campaigns both internationally and locally. These events include: variety of entertainment shows, Junior Miss Korea, and Korean TV productions in the U.S. In 1997, Sense Enterprise dominated the radio commercial industry in the Korean community. 80% of the commercials were made by Sense and that trend still continues today.


Following its success, Sense began functioning as a full service agency to fulfil our client’s requests. Within a short period of time, Sense’s clientele tripled. Many of major Korean-American corporations such as OB beer, CJ Foods Cheil Jedang, Lotte Chum churum just to name a few, became interested in conducting professional relationship with Sense. At Sense, we have dedicated our services to achieving our client’s goals in increasing sales and heightening the companies’ image.


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